De-Medicotem DMT Illuminating White Cell Ampoules 韓國美白素顏滴


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5ml x 10 This is a repairing emulsion that increases skin resistance to thermal, physical and chemical aggression which can also be used as an essence to restore the suppleness of tissues. The super stem cell STEM WATER patent is said to be developed by the Korean Government Institute of Research. It can effectively promote the increase of skin growth factors, significantly repair problematic skin, activate the skin’s metabolism, cell viability and skin elasticity. It is proven to reduce appearance of wrinkles, whiten and brighten skin complexion, repair damaged skin barrier. Safe for sensitive skin and pregnant women.


一盒10支,每支5ml DMT素顏滴在韓國很有名,是韓國政府研究所研發出品, 專供給韓國院線的產品。像整形外科、皮膚科才會有的,各種權威機構認證,具備了很高質素,也是在韓國經常搶斷貨的明星產品。


這是一款修復型肌底液 ,也可以當作精華使用, 質地易吸收。 超強的乾細胞STEM水專利。能有效的促進皮膚生長因子的增加,超強修復問題肌膚,活化肌膚的新陳代謝,激活細胞活力及肌膚彈性,延緩皺紋產生。使皮膚處於滑嫩的狀態,使肌膚不僅美白抗紫外線,而且健康、潤澤。所以它可以收縮毛孔、美白、淡斑、抗皺提亮緊致,修復受損肌膚屏障,加強屏障防禦功,敏感肌,孕婦均可使用。    

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DE-MEDICOTEM Illuminating White Cell Ampoules

DMT 4 Major Effects:

1st: Lighten melanin, brighten skin tone, and whiten skin;

2nd: Promote the increase of skin growth factor so that it can reach 10 large growth factors for skin treatment and repair

3rd: Improve the micro-environment of cell growth, promote the synthesis of elastic fibers and collagen, make the skin elastic, and make the skin in a smooth and tender state.

4th: Repair the barrier of damaged skin , strengthen the barrier defense function, resist the damage caused by seasonal changes to skin, resist the infection of foreign bacteria to the skin, protect skin from water loss, and comprehensively improve and strengthen the skin barrier function

Main components: STeM water, containing 10 large growth factors, each growth factor has a different efficacy 10 growth factors Efficacy explanation * TFG – conversion growth factor – to restore the reconstruction of injured tissue, promote immune cell proliferation is simply the usual It can be used in the place where there is a wound after surgery. It can help the wound to heal quickly (it is recommended to use it under the doctor’s instructions) * EGF-Epidermal Growth Factor-promotes the proliferation of epithelial cells Differentiating and priming.

Usage: DMT is A rejuvenation product that can be used daily in the morning and evening after cleansing, or used as treatment.

Each dose can be determined according to personal use.

You’ll notice a significant change on your skin after use of 2 to 3 boxes continuously.



二:   促進皮膚生長因子的增加,使其達到10大生長因子對於皮膚的治療和修復





主要成分:STeM水,內含10大生長因子,每個生長因子都有不同功效10大生長因子功效說明* TFG–轉換成長因子—恢復受傷組織的重建、促進免疫細胞增值簡單來說就是平時術後有傷口的地方都可以使用,幫助傷口地方快速癒合(建議在醫生的指示下使用)* EGF-表皮生長因子-促進上皮細胞的增值分化素顏滴


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