OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Light Therapy Beauty Device


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OJESH Pro ultrasonic beauty device is the secret key to skin rejuvenating. It provides a scientific, clean, safe and easy way to wash your face, solve and prevent facial skin problems.

  • Improved skin tone and complexion
  • Stimulated production of collagen and elastin
  • Improved appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks
  • Reduced acne, rosacea, and eczema
  • Increased circulation



  1. 導出清潔:徹底清潔出藏於皮膚內部的「污垢」
  2. 深層導入: 超聲波導入儀則是利用震動原理,讓肌膚細胞間隙加大,將保養品成分送進肌膚(導 入), 讓保養品更容易被肌膚所吸收
  3. 高頻按摩、三重彩光: 促進血液循環,消除面部浮腫,加強保濕補水美白。
  4. 智能操作、無線充電: 定制二維碼、藍牙識別,自主生成個人定制護膚菜單,玩轉科技時尚


Light Therapy is one of the most non-invasive and with least side effects treatment.

The therapy activates production of collagen that plumps the skin, elastin that tightens the skin and remove the acne causing bacteria by closing dead pores on the skin.

1) Export Cleaning: The traditional way of Deep Cleansing method can no longer effectively clean our face. 300,000 less than 0.07 microns of bristles with sound waves vibrate deep into the pores, feathery and soft, can thoroughly clean out the “dirt” hidden in the skin.

2) Deep Import: The Ultrasonic device uses the principle of vibration to increase the gap between each skin cell and send the skincare ingredients to the skin (import) so that the skin care products can be absorbed more easily.

3) High-frequency massage, Triple color light: The latest Japanese technology, red, yellow, blue three kinds of import mode, energy contraction characteristics, can penetrate the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue, in addition to tightening, it minimized the size of skin pores. Facial muscles become firm and elastic, play a role in the physical lifting effect of a powerful moisturizer.. 3000000 times per second high-frequency atomization vibration, large fog, Strong penetrating power, it can spray 500000 particles per minute as to Moisturize your face, with more than 100 bio-magnet massage points. As long as you apply device onto the face, it can work to open the pores, promote blood circulation, eliminate facial edema, enhance moisturizing and whitening.

Blue Light: Inhibits melanin, whitening

Red light: Promotes skin circulation and stimulates collagen regeneration

Green light: Calm and anti-inflammatory, regulate water and oil balance

4) Smart operation, Wireless charging: Custom two-dimensional code, Bluetooth recognition, Self-generated personal custom skin care menu, Fun technology fashion, 28 days of charm change, Face massage, spray wash, shrink pores, lift compact, moisturizing replenishment;

Four steps OJESHPro ultrasonic beauty device is the secret key to skin rejuvenating,
Not only improve the skin, make the skin to maintain vitality, it also enhances the skin complexion and makes the skin more supple.
It provide a scientific, clean, safe and easy way to wash your face,solve and prevent facial skin problems.

全新科技 開啓素顏美學新時代
90%的女性都存在一定的肌膚問題:空氣污染、工作壓力、睡眠不足、缺乏運動、飲食不規律…現代人的肌膚已經疲憊不堪了,傳統的潔面方式已經無法真正做到有效的深層清潔肌膚。黑頭粉刺、毛孔粗大、皮膚乾燥、眼部浮腫、黑眼圈、鬆弛細紋、膚色暗沈、色斑集聚、這些都是困擾女性的問題,OJESH Pro超聲波美顏儀,音波噴霧洗臉玩轉了新科技,將改變肌膚深層清潔的問題,從質解決,重塑肌膚的新生命。


2)  導入:    超聲波導入儀則是利用震動原理,讓肌膚細胞間隙加大,將保養品成分送進肌膚(導 入), 讓保養品更容易被肌膚所吸收


紅光: 活肌能量,刺激膠原蛋白的再生



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