Rossceutics Black Orchid Tightening Essence -Classic Edition 黑蘭至臻緊緻精華液經典版


✦✦Each box contains:

10 ampoule x 2ml Rossceutics Serum + 1 opener + 1 applicator + 1 ampoule base +1 product brochure

Rossceutics Black Orchid Ultimate Tightening Essence leaves skin feeling plump to the touch and repairs by replenishing skin’s natural moisture barrier. Formulated with exclusive patent BlackimmuneTM Technology, Easyliance and extract of Peruvian Black Orchid. It can effectively improve your skin hydration and vitality, it leaves skin feeling plump to the touch and repairs by replenishing skin’s natural moisture barrier. The lightness of black orchid essence is beyond imagination. It penetrates and moisturizes skin in seconds. The precious ingredients are packed in an amber glass ampoule. Ampoule is getting very popular in skincare industry. It is a preservative-free, sterile vacuum-packed, high-concentration essence.


  • Effectively reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hydrates and visibly plumps skin 
  • Rectify skin problem like Loss of volume and elasticity
  • Improves tired-looking and dull skin
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • Rich serum texture leaves skin feeling supple and hydrated to the touch
  • Oil Free & Paraben Free  

Rossceutics Black Orchid Tightening Essence is an extremely precious extract of Black Orchid growing on the steep peaks of the Peruvian Andes. The black orchid only exist 2-3 weeks with a 3 weeks florescence only in each year, which makes it rare. Growing in high altitude areas makes it so talented that it can adapt to the surrounding environment. Whenever it encounters danger, it can prolong its life cycle and survive. Therefore, it has extraordinary vitality and becomes the guardian of youth.

  • Moisture: Improve appearance of dry and rough skin. Strengthen skin’s moisture barrier
  • Even Complexion: Lighten skin tone gradually, help effectively prevent the appearance of dark spots
  • Activate: Block Melanin formation, enhance skin’s immunity and repair skin for a more youthful look
  • Firm: Accelerate collagen and tighten skin for radiance and redrawn face contours.
  • Redefine: Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

At present, at most 5% other products on the market act on acquire immunity, while the patented cellular component (exclusive patent component BLACKIMMUNE TECHNOLOGY) of Black Orchid acts on both innate and acquired immunity and the efficacy is up to 95% of sin immune cells. When the skin’s immunity is increased, each cell is protected from inside to outside and will focus more on self-regeneration. The lightness of black orchid is beyond imagination. It penetrates and moisturizes skin in a second. Clinical trials show that it can minimize the appearance of fine lines in only 8 weeks and give users glossy youthful skin. 

Experience the power of black orchid extract now!

Directions of use:

  1. After taking the essence from the package, shake well before use.
  2. Open the ampoule using the opener provided on the bottom of the pack. Place on the neck of the ampoule and break.
  3. Attach the nipple to the open ampoule, remove the cap, turn it upside down and press the body of the nipple to modulate the flow of product.
  4. Apply to clean dry skin before your usual cream treatment. Spread over the face, neck and neckline and massage until completely absorbed. It can be applied day or night.
  1. Typical use: Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In the event of contact, rinse with plenty of water.
  2. Keep out of the reach of children.
  3. Store in a cool and dry place. Once the ampoule has been opened, the cap should be placed on the nipple.

Certification Authority

American Organic

British Organic

Pure plant

No animal experiment

European Organic


Rossceutics 黑蘭至臻緊致精華液 

Rossceutics 黑蘭至臻緊致精華液由德國專家團隊研發而成,採用秘魯安第斯山脈極為珍貴的僅有2-3 星期的黑蘭的提取物。



法國嬌蘭公司研發生產的黑蘭面霜價格高達$1550 USD,由此可見黑蘭對皮膚的作用和稀有程度,我們公司生產的Rossceutics黑蘭至臻緊致精華液除了添加稀有的黑蘭提取液更添加了由法國Soliance研發的抗皺活性物Easyliance(即時緊膚劑),是由兩種具有協調性能的天然成分組成:阿拉伯樹膠和生物聚合物水,阿拉伯樹膠:是將非洲樹樹皮切開後所提取到的滲出液,生物聚合物水:是通過共生體系存在植物根部的微生物所產生的天然產品,由於兩種聚合物的特殊結構,Easyliance 能通過物理作用來使皮膚變得平滑,Easyliance 在皮膚表面展開形成網狀薄膜,聚合物變乾,立刻收縮和舒展皮膚,使皮膚5 分鐘就能達到肉眼可觀察到的皮膚精緻光滑的效果,特別針對魚眼紋,效果十分凸出,立竿見影。

因其PH 4.5 弱酸性,瞬間提亮及美白接近天然果然的功效,又沒有果酸的刺激,它的性價比更高效更顯著的獨一無二的Rossceutics 配方。為保證黑蘭至臻精緻精華的活性和安全性,我司採用大型安瓶及藥用玻璃瓶美國康寧生產商及Lutz 生產的安瓶。灌裝作業我司選擇與德國萊比錫的大型制藥廠L-A-W Service 合作,保障產品的純淨度及無菌灌裝環境。致力於提供給廣大中國消費者不僅僅是安全,更是更優質效果更好的產品。


1- 吸收迅速:非常滋潤,然而黑蘭花卻超乎想象的輕薄,滲透力幾乎就在一秒間。但這樣的好吸收並沒有讓你有多餘的一絲油光或皮膚緊繃,讓人不僅感嘆德國工藝的先進。


3-增強肌膚屏障:皮膚穩定,黑蘭花的專利細胞成分(獨家專利成分BLCKIMMUNE TECHNOLOGY),讓整個細胞防護機制變得強大。




  • 專利成分BlackimmuneTM Technology 稀世黑蘭提取物:具有極強的生命力及修復能力,幫助細胞自我修護,延緩細胞死亡速度;
  • 阿拉伯樹膠:最穩定自然水解膠原蛋白
  • 自然pH4.5 值呈弱酸性,最佳天然防腐劑
  • 水解根瘤菌膠:聚合物鋪展在皮膚上成網狀結構,聚合成膜,靠物理作用立刻收緊和舒展皮膚、促進膠原蛋白生成。





√  7天皮膚免疫力提升

√  28天皺紋減淡

√  2個月面部輪廓清晰   

√  臨床實驗證實只需八周皺紋可淡化42%

√  HlF細胞呼吸及增加細胞免疫能力提高95%

√ 一款可以用用日常護理和修復型產品




                    「輕奢醫美·德國工藝— —讓你的肌膚細胞跳舞」


一個是限量版, 一個是經典版

限量版沒有任何花香味, 有些像SKII的神仙水的味道, 因為添加2%黑蘭成份, 所以會產品粘稠會比較高。第一批全球限量1萬套,只剩下少量現貨。

經典版有源至秘魯500-1000米險峰⛰️稀世甄萃天然黑蘭花清香味, 比較水狀, 用上去很舒服。



黑蘭花專利成分BlackimmuneT™ Technology


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