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Usage of Rossceutics 小教室👩🏻‍🏫

















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德國 Rossceutics 全球6大認証

讓更多人感受稀世黑蘭的神奇魅力 🔜全球6️⃣大認証 ✅ ɢᴍᴘ證書 — 良好作業規範

✅ ecocerт證明 — 國際有限認證

✅ мѕdѕ認證 — 化學品安全證明


✅ 黑蘭專利成分認證

✅全中國地區ɢᴍᴘ證書 .

【黑蘭精華】 🧪產品科研及製造均在德國🇩🇪 🔬Rossceutics 研發團隊係中胚層治療領域權威💯

🌟產品獲獨家專利 – EASYLIANCE可即時緊膚

🌺專利成分BlackimmuneTM Technology 稀世黑蘭提取物:具有極強的生命力及修復能力

💮通過SGS 檢測報告、品質有保證 .

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Do you know your skin type?

Do you know your skin type? There is a difference between having sensitive vs. sensitized skin. It is why people with oily skin type describe themselves as dry skin type when really it is dehydrated.


Lack of hydration causes skin to look dull or lackluster

Dry, fragile skin can fell taut, itchy, irritated and chapped

Increased risk of breakouts due to increased oil production in the skin to compensate for the dryness.

Skin becomes flaky often appearing blotchy or red with lack of hydration

The condition of your skin is reliant on regimen, medications, diet, environment or countless other factors.

Your skin type is mostly genetic and can change with age.

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What’s one of the exclusive ingredient in Ojesh serum-Alpine Edelweiss?

Alpine Edelweiss, is a unique plant in the European Alps, known as the Queen of the mountains, proudly grow on the top of the snow, the extraction of raw materials is quite expensive and rare. At present, there are very few skin care products in the industry that use this raw material. With hyaluronic acid is to complement each other, the German Ou Ya poetry (OJESH) Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Essence ampoule patent is based on the advanced models, the exclusive use of Alpen-Edelweiß alpine Edelweiss plant extracts, through the HTN ™ High-tech, refined Leontopodic Säure plant extracts from Alpine Edelweiss, the MAJESTEM ™ patented ingredients are carefully crafted by a team of German experts.

Edelweiss known as the beauty of the holy goods in Europe, with a natural antioxidant, skin cell regeneration start, protection and stimulation of subcutaneous tissue collagen production and other significant medicinal efficacy, is classified as a national level in Europe protected plants. The essence of Leontopodic Säure Edelweiss acid, its main effect is to slow down the loss of human skin collagen, sequestering activity of self-healing energy, promote and protect human skin collagen itself, the skin collagen content stable Tough, anti-aging, so as to achieve tight skin elasticity, bloom young glory!

“雪絨花”是歐洲阿爾卑斯山的特有植物,被譽為山中皇后,傲然怒放於雪域之巔,其萃取原料相當昂貴、珍稀。目前業界使用這種原料的護膚品極少。與玻尿酸配合更是相得益彰,德國歐婭詩 (OJESH)玻尿酸保濕提拉精華液安瓶專利款是在高級款基礎上,獨家利用Alpen-Edelweiß 歐洲阿爾卑斯山高山雪絨花的植物萃取精華,通過 HTN™ 高新技術,有效提煉高山雪絨花中的 Leontopodic Säure 植物酸精華,由德國專家團隊精心打造出 MAJESTEM™ 專利配方成分。

在歐洲被譽為美容聖品的雪絨花,具有純天然抗氧化、啟動皮膚細胞再生、保護及刺激皮下組織膠原蛋白生成等顯著藥用功效,在全歐洲範圍內被列為國家一級保護植物。天地精華的Leontopodic Säure 雪絨花植物酸,其主要功效是減緩人體皮膚組織中自有的膠原蛋白流失,封存活性自愈能量,促進和保護人體皮膚自身的膠原蛋白形成,使皮膚膠原蛋白含量穩定強韌、延緩衰老,從而達到肌膚緊致彈潤,綻放年輕光彩!