Andrea France Antiox Hydrating Face Moisturizer 仙人掌抗氧美白面霜

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Andrea France hydrating face moisturizer with advanced antioxidant that helps to defend against damaging free radicals while softening, smoothing, and enhancing luster.  With consistent use, it helps maintain elasticity and smoothness.

The formula is enriched with  

Cactus extract: that can help to achieve high moisturizing effect

Glutathione: an ingredient that is absolutely anti-oxidant and whitening.  

Andrea France’s antioxidant face moisturizer is an extra gentle, oil free face moisturizers.It instantly calms skins with visible redness-even skins with rosacea. Soothes persistent redness, blotchiness. Over time, helps improve skin’s comfort.

Suitable for all skin types. Amazing result for sensitive skin with occasional or persistent redness,. For combination/oily skin type, it also helps to combat oil issue in t-zone area. 

Andrea France  新品仙人掌抗氧美白面霜

客人都大讚質地好,滑溜溜似creamy sorbet 


使用方法: 簡單直接塗在臉上就得🙆🏻‍♀️

軟乎乎, 白嫩嫩的面霜

每天是肯定要用面霜的, 絕對不能偷懶, 不然臉真的糙的🤯


  • 仙人掌提取物, 做到高效保濕的功效
  • 穀胱甘肽, 這成份絕對做到抗氧化同美白



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