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1號夢幻冰晶肌.光透還原滴 : Drops of Dream Precious Cell Multi-lift Concentrate 15ml x 2 bottles 2號夢幻冰晶肌.嫩齢回彈霜: Drops of Dream Precious Cell Multi-lift Emulsion 15ml x 2 bottles Drops of Dream Precious Cells Multi-lift Concentrate and Emulsion features the best in anti-aging technology. It works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and boost the skin’s elasticity for a rejuvenated complexion. While providing hydration and enhancing radiance, PhytoCellTec Nunatak softens and smooths to promote a healthier and younger looking skin. It also helps to fight premature aging caused by toxins and inflammation, reactivate cellular proteins to renew density in the dermis and redesign facial contours for plumped and firm skin. Skin radiates a healthy glow day after day. ❤1號夢幻冰晶肌.光透還原滴❤ 迅速為肌膚皮膚帶來強烈的提升效果,緊緻度和光澤明亮效果。 主要成分: 冰河幹細胞 藍銅胜肽 新一代透明質酸 黃金藻萃取液 三胜肽5 ❤2號夢幻冰晶肌.嫩齢回彈霜❤ 快速保濕及抗氧化效果。使用後即時提升肌膚彈性,刺激膠原蛋白增生. 感覺皮膚彈性十足,同時可以擊退浮腫減淡皺紋. 主要成分: 冰河幹細胞 CTP複合物 藍銅胜肽 維生素B5 海鮫油  

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D.Lab Drops of Dream

“PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® Glacier Stem Cell” is an Alpine plant that has survived in the last glacial century and is derived from the Alpine Dianthus pearl flower. The Alpine Dianthus pearl flower is an exquisite plant that grows in the Alps. During the last ice age, it migrated to The rare nunataks – the ice-capped peaks that survived. Due to long-term exposure to cold and high levels of UV light, the alpine carnation flower has evolved protection and repair mechanisms to help it adapt to this challenging environment.

Glacial stem cells capture the secret of magical vitality. Its rich and unique active ingredients retain youth for the skin and protect dermis stem cells against UVA. Clinical studies have further confirmed that using glacial stem cell skin care products for 4 weeks effectively improves skin elasticity and enhances brightness.  The degree of tightness and density increase significantly and effectively protect the dermis stem cells against the invasion of UVA, thus resisting the optical aging situation.


「PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® 冰河幹細胞」 是一款源自阿爾卑斯石竹珍珠花,倖存於最後一次冰河世紀的阿爾卑斯山植物. 阿爾卑斯石竹珍珠花是一種生長在阿爾卑斯山上的嗜極植物, 在最後一次冰河世紀時, 它透過遷移至罕有的冰原島峰(nunataks)- 無冰雪覆蓋的山峰而最終得以倖存。由於長期暴露於寒冷及大量紫外線的環境下,阿爾卑斯石竹珍珠花進化出保護和修復機制以幫助其適應這樣具挑戰性的環境. ,冰河幹細胞捕捉了神奇生命力的秘密,它豐富又獨特的活性成份為肌膚留住青春,保護真皮幹細胞抵抗 UVA. 臨床研究進一步證實使用含有冰河幹細胞護膚品4周後, 有效改善皮膚彈性、增強明亮度、緊致度和密度明顯提升並有效保護真皮幹細胞抵抗UVA 的侵害,從而抵抗光學老化的情況.




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