Deliftox Resveratrol Rejuvenating CO3 Mask 10pcs (15g X 10)醫美級白藜蘆醇激白CO3重生面膜


Deliftox Resveratrol Rejuvenating CO3 Mask 10pcs (15g X 10)

  • Powerful anti-oxidizing and anti-aging capabilities
  • Beneficial for repair and prevention of damages
  • Skin will be smooth, whitened, and brightened

The advanced formulated CO3 Mask is newly promoted to beauty market and highly appreciated by beauties around the world. It can transfer the oxygen to the derma layer directly and thus can reduce skin yellowness and dullness. With the addition of Resveratrol, Mediatone and Lumiskin, skin will be smooth, whitened and brightened after using this CO3 mask.

Ingredients: please refer to box label

How to Use: After facial cleansing and toning, open the package and apply this mask on face until bubbles are formed. Wait for about 10-15 minutes and rinse with clear water afterwards. Then apply daily face serum and cream.

Cautions: For external use Only. Avoid contact with eyes, Keep out of reach of children. If there is any signs of skin discomfort, stop using it and consult a doctor at once.

Deliftox 醫美級白藜蘆醇激白CO3⾯重生面膜

3天銳變360度零死角 !一包幫你搞掂 最新科技 不用攪拌的CO3面膜 

2020年最新科技的Deliftox醫美級白藜蘆醇激白CO3重生面膜(一盒10次裝),市面上含量較高的8000倍ppm高濃度注氧的強效配方,使用一次即時達到美白、淡斑、收毛孔、補濕; 長效使用仲有改善暗瘡問題、減少肌膚上的凹凸洞、撫平初起細紋,用一次已經好有驚喜~最新不用自行攪拌的配方,貼心的Deliftox 已經把需要注入的份量混為一包,最適合喜歡方便的朋友~  姚嘉妮也大讚夠方便,在家都可以自己做到,一次=打了100枝美白針

• 一秒起泡、為肌膚注入高濃度8000倍ppm的注氧炸面
• 安全而有效、極速改善敏感及泛紅情況 
• 深層清潔配上千倍水份源源導入肌底 
• 千倍注氧加強肌膚新陳代謝、排走毒素、吸走壞死老化角質
• 即時激白柔膚、猶如剝殼雞蛋般彈滑可破的BB重生肌膚
• 提升臉部輪廓、減少初生細紋、重現年輕18歲的秒齡美肌

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