Gemsho Lengthening Mascara with growth enhancement 增長睫毛膏

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New!! Gemsho Mascara & Growth Enhancement

-the secret to grow longer lashes than other mascara on the market

This tube of mascara contains ingredients revitalizing lashes- Natural pea peptide. It can activate hair folliciles and the activity of stem cells, enzyme offers protein nutrition to eyelashes which create lush, long and well defined eyelashes.

Up forever, lasting and smudge-proof lengthening mascara. 

Multiple effects, increasingly longer. It is extraordinary with pea peptide essence added, it speed up the growth of eyelashes. Created regrowth, longer eyelashes.

After several experiments and researches, it is found that polypeptide active substances can effectively stabilize the activity of pea peptide, making it become successfully integrated into the mascara. The best composition proportion was discovered after repeated researches to have maximized the effect of pea peptide, thus the eyelash care function of activating hair follicle cells and promoting eyelash growth became successfully deployed in cosmetics.

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