Oseque Deep Sea Cream Mask (10pcs)深層補水塗抹式海藻水洗式面膜


Contains deep sea water and seaweed extracts, which are rich in minerals, amino acids and a variety of trace elements.

Help strengthen the natural moisturizing barrier and brighten dull skin tone. Rich nutrients reach the bottom of the skin, repair sensitive skin,
Rejuvenates skin with radiance and radiance.

The texture is as soft and silky as cream, suitable for facial massage. The ingredients are mild and skin-friendly, suitable for
All skin types.

幫助強化天然保濕屏障, 提亮暗沉膚色。豐富營養直達肌底, 修復敏感肌膚,
煥醒肌膚明亮光彩。質感如奶油般柔軟絲滑, 適合面部按摩時使用。

成份性質溫和親膚, 適用於

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