Portable Oxygen Skin Rejuvenating Facial Equipment家用注氧儀

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With this portable oxygen nano hydrating spa facial mchine, you can enjoy at home DIY facial at your comfort.

This oxygen injection machine compresses the concentration of 21% oxygen into the purity of over 95% oxygen activator, then  release it under the pressure of 0.2 Pa and spray it evenly to smooth wrinkles and whiten and tender your skin effectively and safely without pain, trace or wounds. The airbrush can inject oxygen and nutrient into your skin deeply to treat and improve skin color, wrinkles, skin relaxation, pigmentation, etc.


  • Active moisturizing factor can rejuvenate skin.

  • Ideal for replenishing moisture for deep skin, regaining elasticity, shrinking pores, regulating the hormone secretion, rejuvenating and improving skin, smoothing wrinkles, etc.

  • Purity of over 95% oxygen activator can smooth wrinkles and whiten or tender your skin effectively.

  • Helping skin absorb oxygen and nutrients more easier.

  • Safe to use without wounds, treatment risk or postoperative recovery.

  • Can inject the nutrients to the cutis layer of skin.

  • Nano scale nutrients can be absorbed by the skin cell well to solve skin problems from the root.

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