Rossceutics Orchid Tightening Ampoules-Ultimate Skin Essence 0.6 Version黑蘭精華液0.6版本


Rossceutics Orchid Tightening Ampoules-Ultimate Skin Essence 0.6 Version

-contains 2ml x 7 ampoules 

This product as a kind of firming essence introduced by Rosssceutics is made of the wild black orchids of the Peruvian Andes, which are very precious for their flowering period of only three weeks per year. Due to the harsh environment, the plant can cleverly extend its life cycle and strengthen the skin vitality according to the surrounding environment. It features strong vitality and restorative ability, helping cells to restore themselves, delaying the rate of cell death, and letting the skin return to health instantly.

The effect of Black orchid
Medical packaging standard to ensure ingredient inside ampoules is highly active
Solution form is more easily to absorb
Improves immunity of 95% of skin
Direct rejuvenation and enhanced HIF help cells self-repair and delay cell decay
Strong vitality and repair ability to help cells repair themselves and delay cell death
Improves the immunity of 95% of skin with fast action and enhances skin’s self-resistance
Blackimmune TM Technology: It revitalizes and strengthens HIF, allowing cells to breathe smoothly, injecting new vitality into aging cells, improving skin’s immunity by 95% in a short period of time, enhancing skin’s self-resistance, repairing cells and increasing skin metabolism, so fundamentally addressing problems of skin health.
Easyliance (instant firming agent): The special natural anti-wrinkle ingredient composed of two polymers can smooth the skin by physical action. It forms a net-like film on the surface of the skin, and when the polymer dries, it immediately firms and relaxes the skin. It takes 5 minutes to achieve the delicate and smooth skin effect visible to the eyes. Long-term use helps the dermis to fundamentally repair the broken mesh elastic fiber and smooth the wrinkles.

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