Amato Placenta Lip Treatment 鮮肌の謎·植萃豐唇膏

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A sheer lip balm that enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting lips. Temperature Sensing Technology, the balm has a sleek texture and will change its color depends on the temperature and pH of the lips it applied to, which gives you a unique hue. It reacts to the unique chemistry of each person’s lips for a natural flush of custom color on each skin tone.It can help repair damaged cells, boost metabolism, whitening, and to intensify the producing of collagen. With its hydrating and anti-fine lines effects, it can plump up the lips and makes them look healthy and moisturized. 

*Please note that this product is reduced from $28 to $10 because of expiration date. Product are sealed in original box. Expired unopened skin care products Skincare products like face creams can last 1 to 3 years, if unopened and stored in a dark and dry environment.




特點一:修護滋養 可以平滑雙唇,淡化唇紋,修護唇部肌膚,使唇部更加柔潤動人,水嫩飽滿。 特點二:豐盈飽滿 能夠有效煥活唇部肌膚,激發唇部組織的彈性,令雙唇嘭嘭動人,有效增強豐唇效果,長期使用,替代美微整效果。 特點三:千人千色 奇幻變色技術,根據唇部的PH值與溫度的不用,自動識別出最適合自身的粉嫩唇色,持久自然紅潤,徹底改變唇部暗沉。



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Ingredients:Horse Placenta、Natural anthocyanins、Natural beeswax、Red Cherry


💋 媲美微整豐唇💋 🍃安全🍃零風險🍃不動刀 🍃溫和🍃效果好🍃PH變色

打造元氣少女裸妝 PH值動感變色 溫感智能變色 千人千人,只為你美! 💎一款能夠為雙唇量身定制自然色彩的豐唇膏, 保護女性的嬌嫩雙唇魅力十足的「百變」唇膏, 令你與微笑之間光彩照人,並為雙唇定制健康亮澤, 倍感軟滑豐盈,綻放迷人亮澤, 無懼嚴酷環境與歲月流轉。


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