AEY Cellulite Control Spray 2020 瘦身噴霧最新加量版 100ml



This cellulite control body spray contains best natural ingredients. Herbal body spray is known to help individuals with shaping body lines, lose inches, improve your skin’s look and enhance the general appearance of your problem areas.

Applying the body spray is simple, you can spray it on different areas of your body. For example, your stomach, flanks, hips, thighs, arms, and so forth. New and improved body shaping spray will allow you to spray it practically anywhere anytime.

You can spray it before exercise – with new “dry” design there is no mess caused by access gel, and you don’t need to wrap yourself in plastic anymore.  It targets the appearance of cellulite, visibly lifting, firming, and smoothing hips and thighs for a more streamlined silhouette. This refreshing spray instantly absorbs to soothe and smooth the skin’s surface.


Depending upon your body type you may see results after the first application, yet it’s prescribed to use no less than three continuous applications and afterward use as expected to keep up the results.

We generally propose use measuring tape previously, then after the fact every application. We as a whole have diverse bodies with various metabolism levels, distinctive skin sorts, and so body shaping spray won’t work a similar path for everybody. Using the tape will disclose to you precisely how well this item functioned for you since relying on your target area you may not see visible results just by looking at yourself in the mirror.

How to use:

Shake before using, the nozzle from the body 10 cm, vertical bottle evenly sprayed in the required parts of about 2 seconds until fully absorbed. Full penetration, you may massage into skin for better result.

Reminder: Clean your hands after you sprayed.

AEY Cellulite Control Spray Targets Early & Stubborn Cellulite. Smooths, firms, refines and minimizes the appearance of even the most stubborn cellulite. A quick-absorbing formula that helps reduce the look of cellulite, visibly lifting and firming hips and thighs.

AEY 消脂緊緻提拉燃脂霜精華 100ml

  • 燃脂瘦身
  • 纖體噴霧
  • 身體塑形
  • 瘦腿瘦肚子

AEY 減肥噴霧精華主要功效:專門針對消除脂肪團,橘皮組織,消脂瘦身,使毒素排出並刺激淋巴引流,運用天然植物萃取物抑制脂肪囤積並且加速脂肪代謝,恢復肌膚光亮新生,使肌膚肌膚變得緊實有彈性。

主要天然成分:咖啡因、十肽、氨基甲酸酯、七葉素、姜、海鹽、褐藻、乳木果油、PhytoUltraslim-complex AEY燃脂噴霧高濃度滲透小分子技術, 五倍燃脂科技,


這款美國超模專用,有著「懶人」纖體精華之稱的—AEY減肥噴霧,無需運動想瘦哪裡就瘦哪裡,塗一塗抹一抹就可將多餘脂肪徹底分解,代謝排出體外,停用不會有「反彈」現象發生,讓肌膚明顯變得緊實有彈性,腰部線條重新顯現出來. 配合運動瘦得激快! 外噴更安全,無副作用!

去gym前噴一噴, 迅速爆汗! 噴一次AEY噴霧 等於消耗400卡路里 相當於慢跑20分鐘 ️步行50分鐘🏃仰臥起坐40個 🏊游泳30分鐘️所以這就是為什麼很多人噴完了去運動 運動10分鐘就大汗淋漓的原因。質地輕盈,迅速吸收滲透,絕不會沾染衣! 使肌膚減少「橘皮」現象實驗證明:200位21-56歲的女性中83.4%的話女性體脂肪明顯減少77.8%的女性肌膚明顯變得緊實有彈性.


  • 噴霧是高濃度小分子的,不需要按摩也不需要保鮮膜!就能讓你逐漸瘦下來!最關鍵的原因是方便,能夠讓你堅持的減肥產品
  • 減脂餐堅持兩個月太難,你根本無法拒絕美食的誘惑!
  • 瘦身霜太難堅持,按摩手法很重要,沒按好,也很難減脂!沒辦法每天堅持花20分鐘按摩
  • 減肥藥,讓身體快速脫水減重,但是反彈快!傷腎!
  • 噴霧是高濃度小分子的,不需要按摩也不需要保鮮膜!就能讓你逐漸瘦下來!最關鍵的原因是方便,能夠讓你堅持的減肥產品美國AEY瘦身噴霧爲什麼賣到脫銷?

專利所含Aminophylline擊破脂肪,以及咖啡因成分能代謝排出分解後的脂肪 1 個月4瓶爲一個療程,減掉5-8cm無問題

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